Welcome  7th  Graders!


Class 7 / Week 7

Jesus' Mission

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Where's the Kingdom?


Questions to Ponder

1.  Who is the king?

2.  Where is the promised kingdom?

All Grown Up!

The Voice

Questions to Ponder

1.  Whose was the voice crying the wilderness?

2.  What happened when Jesus was baptizeed?

Off With His Head!

Questions to Ponder

1.  Who was beheaded?

2.  Why was he beheaded?

Mark My Words....

Questions to Ponder

1.  What is the question of this story?

2.  Who wrote this?

The Plot Thickens...


Questions to Ponder

1.  What is important about the plot?

2. What are the parts of the plot?

New Key Words

New Key Words are added each week!

To increase our 'head knowledge' about God,
we need to speak & understand the lingo.

See how many of these 'key words' you know.

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