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Class 6 / Week 6

Jesus' World & His Kingdom

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The Messiah

We are waiting for the Messiah, the Anointed One, the Christ.

Has he come yet?


Questions to Ponder

1.  Who is the snake really?

2.  What promise from the OT did Jesus come to fulfill?

A Crazy Story by Luke

That Turned the World Upside Down

Questions to Ponder

1.  How was the new hidden & foretold in the old?

2.  What makes this story so crazy?

3.  How has this story changed the world in which we live?

4.  How has this story changed your world?

It All Started with Zachariah....

Questions to Ponder

1.  What angel came to Zachariah?

2.  What was the message of the angel?

3.  Who did the angel tell Zachariah would come?

4.  What happened to Zachariah because he did not believe the angel?

The Angel Makes Another Visit...

Questions to Ponder

1.  What angel came to Mary?

2.  What was the angel's message?

3.  What was Mary's response?

4.  What words from the 'Hail Mary' prayer do we get from this angel as recorded in the Bible?

Mary's Song


Questions to Ponder

1.  Who are Anne & Joachim?

2. Who did Mary go to visit & why?

3. What did her cousin Elizabeth say to Mary?

4.  What is Mary's Song, also known as a Canticle?

5. What did Mary say in her Canticle?

6. Who first told Mary "Blessed are you among women & blessed is the fruit of your womb"?

7.  In what prayer do we now say this to Mary, our Mother?

New Key Words

New Key Words are added each week!

To increase our 'head knowledge' about God,
we need to speak & understand the lingo.

See how many of these 'key words' you know.

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